The dark days of winter are finally lengthening, but there are still plenty of long winter nights ahead. Why not learn a little about the natural world through an online presentation? There are quite a few online webinar types opportunities from Vermont Conservation organizations. Many of the naturalists making these presentations are from Vermont and talking about Vermont ecosystems, but some are going farther afield. All are enthusiastic about what they do and may just help you answer that burning question you didn’t know you had!

Check out these online naturalist offerings:

  • North Branch Nature Center in Vermont offers a variety of online presentations, classes and nature cams:
    • the monthly series ‘Naturalist Journey‘ is an online webinar offered annually. Past presentations are often archived for later viewing.
    • dive into a topic with ‘Nature Now‘ online courses in a variety of topics. These do have a fee.
  • Vermont Center for Ecosystem Studies
  • ECHO in Burlington
  • Audubon Vermont
  • The Fairbanks Museum
North Branch Nature Center’s Naturalist Journey series will kick off in January 2022 with a discussion of willow and beavers.