Roles and Responsibilities of Officers and Committees

Shadow Lake



  • President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and board of directors
  • call special meetings as may be required
  • general administration over the affairs of FOVLAP
  • Ex-officio on all committees
  • Signatory on FOVLAP financial accounts

Vice President:

  • Shall assist the President in all matters whenever called upon
  • Preside over meetings in President’s absence
  • Chairs the Events Committee
  • Is ex officio on other committees


  • Takes minutes at all board meetings and distribute
  • Take minutes at annual meeting and distribute to board members for editing/clarification.  Make copies for annual meeting
  • Keep a record of directors and the dates of renewal.
  • Manages FOVLAP correspondence
  • Works with Treasurer to manage the FOVLAP membership and email lists


  • Manages FOVLAP’s finances
  • Maintains accurate financial records
  • Responsible for paying bills, tracking bank accounts
  • Provides a financial report to the board every month
  • Provides the year-end financial report for Annual Meeting
  • Prepares all required state and federal tax forms
  • Manages registration for FOVLAP events
  • Works with Secretary to manage membership and mailing lists
  • Works with the Grants Committee to manage grant funds



  • Makes decisions between board meetings, when necessary
  • Arbitrates disputes and
  • Investigates and adjudicates grievances


  • develops a slate of officers and directors to fill vacancies each year
  • Maintains the list of board and officer terms


  • Reviews finances and financial procedures,
  • Develops the annual budget
  • Suggests audits where appropriate.



  • Recruits potential members by networking
  • Maintains a database of members
  • Sends out membership renewals
  • Develops strategies to increase membership
  • Regularly reports to board on membership issues


  • Monitors legislation introduced into the Vermont Legislature
  • Keeps members informed about pertinent legislation
  • Drafts positions when applicable
  • Seeks opportunities to testify on key bills
  • Helps membership navigate the legislative process
  • Keeps legislative blog current


  • Plans Lake Seminar, the Annual Meeting, and other FOVLAP sponsored activities
  • Determines format for events
  • Arranges for presenters, speakers, guests
  • Arranges necessary set up, refreshments, technology
  • Handles advertising and registration in conjunction with other committees, DEC, presenters, etc.

Public Relations:


  • Maintains and updates the website regularly
  • Determines who has privileges and the level for updating the website
  • Updates website software and refreshes website regularly


  • Produces bi-annual newsletter
  • Gathers ideas for each issue
  • Edits articles and format issues
  • Publish and distribute newsletter


  • Manages Facebook page
  • Posts regularly

Press Releases/Communications

  • Keep board apprised of any current relevant events and actions
  • Drafts and sends out regular press releases regarding FOVLAP and lakes and ponds issues and maintains a list of media contacts
  • Ensures that information regarding FOVLAP activities is regularly publicized


  • Writes appropriate grants
  • Maintains updated list of grant possibilities and deadlines
  • Responsible for overseeing and vetting all grant applications by FOVLAP
  • Ensures a grant project coordinator is appointed for each grant submitted
  • Works with Treasurer for required reporting and distribution of funds


  • Reviews applications and determines recipient

AD HOC Committees

Ad Hoc AIS/Water Quality Committee

In process of becoming a permanent committee

  • Organizes events related to AIS/water quality issues in conjunction with the Events Committee
  • Develops ideas for FOVLAP to work on related to AIS/water quality issues

Bylaws Committee

Convened as needed

  • Reviews current bylaws
  • Reviews proposed changes from board and committees
  • Recommends changes to the board and to the membership

Policy Committee

Convened as needed

  • Develops policies for FOVLAP
  • Reviews current policies and revises as needed