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FOVLAP Door Knocker


If you have arrived at this page, you may have scanned a QR code on a door knocker left by your lake association. Below, you will be able to visit the URL resource links that were listed on the door knocker’s front side that apply to all Vermont lakes and ponds. The items listed on the back side of the door knocker have been customized by your lake association, and are unique to your lake.
Or, you may have arrived here looking to create a unique door knocker for your lake association – that information is also available below. When you do so, please give thought regarding whether you wish to have the backside of the door knocker be used for multiple years or be renewed annually.

FOVLAP Welcome Guide to Vermont’s Lakes & Ponds Links:

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) welcomes you and asks that you familiarize yourself with the following information that will enhance the enjoyment of your lake experiences while protecting our lakes’ water quality, tranquility, and intrinsic beauty.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), e.g., Eurasian watermilfoil and other Vermont “Nuisance” AIS harm impact water quality and the environment. Help our Vermont DEC AIS Program by:

  • Prevention. Reduce AIS spread by thoroughly washing watercraft, trailers, ballast tanks, anchors, & other equipment to remove all debris upon entering or leaving different lakes. THINK: “Clean-Drain-Dry!”
  • Identifying “unusual” aquatic plants & algae. Observe shoreline for unfamiliar or concerning plants and algae. Note exactlocation and report to greeter station or lake leaders. Do not attempt to remove or disturb concerning plants.

Greeter Public Access Program stations

  • AIS greeters are often on duty at state boat access launch areas from late May to early Sept. Some have decontamination equipment.
  • Greeters inspect and clean boats and trailers and water related equipment upon entering and leaving the lake; they provide education and serve as reliable sources of AIS information.

Protect the shoreland environment (Lake Wise Program link) by:

Follow Vermont Boating Laws and Public Water Use Rules by:

  • Operating registered motorized watercraft valid Operator License (must be more than 14 yrs old & born after 1974).
  • Observing no wake zone (less than 5 mph) within 200 feet of shore & within 200 ft of swimmers, boats, docks, floats, etc.

Have fun while respecting the safety of boaters, swimmers, & wildlife (i.e., 300-ft from nesting loons).

FOVLAP Door Knocker – Template & Printing

If your lake association would like to create a door knocker, you can download our template, based on the 4.5″ x 11″ template from

Click here to download a folder containing the FOVLAP template for the front side, suggestions for your side, and screenshots from the Vistaprint website showing how to create your door knocker.

The back side can be fully customized for your lake association, and you’ll see that we’ve included some suggestions for items to possibly include.

Let us know what you think of this project, we welcome your feedback (click here to send us a note). Also, we’d love to see your door knocker – send us a photo!

FOVLAP Door Knocker

Examples of door knocker back sides for local lake specific activities and events:

Shadow Lake Door Knocker Lake Elmore Door Knocker
Peacham Pond Door Knocker