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New for 2024: One change regarding membership expiration may impact some current members. The new policy for all types of memberships will expire at the end of the calendar year. Dues paid at any time during a given calendar year will provide active membership until the end of that calendar year. Dues paid early in the year ensure that your association has a vote at the FOVLAP Annual Meeting. As we transition to this new system, all memberships paid in 2023 are now considered expired, except association memberships paid after Sept. 5, 2023. Since, under the old policy, these members would be eligible to vote in the 2024 Annual Meeting on Sept. 5, 2024, these associations will be granted 2024 membership with no additional dues payment.


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Any person is eligible for membership.



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Any lake or pond association representing a bonafide lake or pond is eligible for membership.


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Lakes and ponds that do not have an association may have one voting representative upon payment of dues.



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Any representative of a business or organization adhering to the purposes of the Federation is eligible for affiliated membership. Affiliates are not eligible to vote at Federation meetings nor may affiliates designate a voting representative.


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Your gift to the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) supports our work to promote the conservation of Vermont’s lakes, ponds, and watersheds. Donations are used to promote lake-friendly best practices.

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We connect lake association, lake stewards, and all stakeholders concerned with the health of Vermont’s lakes by being a central source of information about lake issues, and by representing and advocating for Vermont’s lakes. We do this by:

We can’t do it without you! Your membership and support of the Federation helps all of our lake associations and lake stewards to continue to work to preserve and protect Vermont’s lakes and ponds for this and future generations!