On June 2nd, 2023, the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds and the Vermont DEC held held our Annual Lake Seminar.

FOVLAP Lake Seminar

Vermont’s lakes and ponds are held in trust by the state. This means that the state has an obligation to manage these resources in a manner which preserves a healthy lake ecosystem while balancing the rights of all people enjoying the lake. This seminar will investigated how this balance is maintained and how to report observed violations. Experts in compliance and enforcement provided their perspectives and answered questions in areas including shoreland protection, septic and water supply issues, boating safety, use of public water rules, and aquatic invasive species transfer.

Topics & speakers included:

  • Opening remarks from Vermont DEC Commissioner John Beling
  • Overview of proactive and reactive aspects of environmental compliance – Adam Miller – VTDEC – Environmental Compliance Division Director
  • What environmental officers do. How does DEC handle complaints? – Sean McVeigh – VTDEC – Chief Environmental Enforcement Officer
  • Shoreland Protection and Lake Encroachment — violations, compliance, and enforcement – Laura Dlugolecki – VTDEC – Lakes Regulatory Expert and Environmental Analyst
  • Septic system and water supply rules and enforcement – Cristin Ashmankas – VTDEC – Environmental Analyst, Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division
  • Lakes and Ponds update – Oliver Pierson – VTDEC – Lakes and Ponds Program Manager
  • Use of Public Waters Rules — overview and how to address violations – Laura Dlugolecki – VTDEC – Lakes Regulatory Expert and Environmental Analyst
  • Boating safety and AIS transport rules and enforcement – Jenna Reed – VTFW – Game Warden Sargent
  • Citizen action on wake boat enforcement in Oregon – Bert Krages – Citizen activist
  • Aiding local compliance of 200-foot shoreline safety zone – Daniel Sharpe (Lake Iroquois), David Johnson (Lake Dunmore)

Collected presentations are available here.

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed below, and on YouTube.

Thank you to everyone who attended!