On February 1st, Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds President Pat Suozzi presented written and oral testimony to the Senate Natural Resources Committee and to the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules about two important lake issues:

Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee:

This committee invited testimony on including a ban on the sale and use of unencapsulated expanded polystyrene (also known as Styrofoam) under docks or other types of flotation devices (floats, moorings, etc) in the waters of the state.  The ban would also apply to the use of open-cell (that is beaded) polystyrene as a filler in any type of floatation device.  The details and language suggested for what to include is from H.373, a bill that was introduced in the House last session but did not get a hearing.  The FOVLAP board voted last year to support H.373.  Pat’s testimony, the link to video of the hearing, and additional information about the Senate legislation can be found here.

Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR):

LCAR is the final stop for any rules made by administrative agencies.  Once approved by this committee, the rule is then filed with the Secretary of State’s office and is implemented.  The rule regulating wake sports was on the agenda for the Feb. 1 meeting.  There was lengthy agenda as a number of people were scheduled to testify.  Due to that, LCAR did not vote on the rule at the Feb. 1 meeting.  They will continue hearing testimony at their next meeting which is schedule for Thursday, Feb. 8.  It is hoped that they will vote on the rule at that meeting.  You can find her statement and other information about LCAR here.