The Lakes and Ponds Program has been working with lakeshore property owners for several years, helping them find ways to protect shorelines for the health of aquatic organisms and overall water quality protection.  The Lake Wise Program has been steadily developing fact sheets and events that focus on small projects that landowners can do on their own.

At the same time, Lake Wise has embraced the concept of bio-engineering for large areas of degraded lakeshore.  Bio-engineering uses a combination of native plants and natural biodegradable materials to recreate a natural shoreline in areas that have severe erosion.  Through the installation of man-made but bio-degradable material, erosion is reduced or stopped completely until the newly planted vegetation can grow to fill in the shoreline and provide natural erosion control.

To learn more about the concept of bio-engineering, watch the Lake Wise video series on this new lake shore stabilization approach:

The Lake Wise Program annually trains professional contractors and landscapers working in the protected shoreland zone in the use of bio-engineering techniques and other lake-friendly practices.  Successful participants receive certification through the Natural Shoreline Erosion Control Certification Course.  We encourage lake associations to participate in this training so that you can raise awareness of the new bio-engineering approaches around your lake.