It’s that time of year again. The time when I walk in urban areas peering into gardens and under shrubbery, looking for the first signs of snowdrops and crocus. When I pull out all the seed catalogs and circle, circle, circle all the plants I would like to fit into my yard. When I dream of all the vegies and fruit I could grow (and eat). When I soak in every word of podcasts and presentations on growing mushrooms, perennial vegetables, and natural pest control. When I dream of all that my land could be if I would just…….

If you’re like me, hooked on growing things that can feed you and your wildlife neighbors, you probably want to know more. Today I’m sharing resources that I’ve been reading through over the last few weeks. You might just find some great ideas for rewilding your shoreline, re-creating a forest on your back 40, or becoming a home-grown national park. Be warned though, you might just be inspired to make your dream a reality. My new soil blocker arrived in the mail this week and the perennial vegetable seeds are on their way!

bumblebee shelter
Image: Angela Shambaugh

planting diagram