We have been asking all of you to contact your legislators and the House Environment and Energy Committee about the meagerness of AIS funding and especially the reduction of funds for 2023.  If you were wondering if your voice is being heard, the answer is yes!

Last week ANR Secretary Julie Moore did a presentation for the House Environment and Energy Committee on the Clean Water budget.  In the midst of her presentation, representatives began to ask her questions about AIS funding and indicated that they were hearing concerns about it.  You can see her presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVKkBeeU2BE  The questions begin about 9 minutes into the video.

As a follow up the committee has asked Lakes and Ponds Program Manager Oliver Pierson to present on AIS funding on March 15.

Thanks to all who have been speaking out on this important issue.  We are hopeful that with your help and continued activity, we will see movement on AIS funding.