Greetings from the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP),

FOVLAP’s 2024 Membership Drive is off to a great start.

We are happy to report that 6 new Lake Associations have joined FOVLAP so far this year, bringing our total to 46! You can see a listing of our member lake associations here. Our voices are stronger together, so it is great to see our Federation of lake associations, watershed groups, and individuals grow.

Together We Can Protect Vermont Lakes and Ponds – Join FOVLAP! 

Even for a small association or a single person concerned with the health of your lake, membership in FOVLAP can amplify your voice. Membership gives you the opportunity to have your needs met.

Significant FOVLAP accomplishments during the past year:

  • Our Advocacy in the Legislature Resulted In:
    • $500,000 in the state budget for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention & Management
    • Supported a new rule regulating wake sports in Vermont inland lakes
    • Supported legislation for better protection of the most pristine lakes
    • Testimony at legislative committee hearings to promote lake health
  • Educational Events and Web Content
    • New website with growing content related to lake-friendly living and lake ecosystems
    • Periodic free webinars on topics of interest.  Seven webinars, Annual Meeting, and Lake Seminar were recorded and can be found on the FOVLAP website.
    • Multiple commentaries in public media supporting increased protections for lakes
  • Communications Among Lake Associations
    • Website listing of contact, profiles and other information about member associations
    • Website blogs with current news on lake issues
    • Lake reports at Annual Meeting and association perspectives presented at FOVLAP events
    • Regular email posts with information and updates

There remains much to do to fulfill our common mission of preserving our precious lake resources.

We hope you will join us!

There are two ways to join.

  1. To pay by credit card, you can visit our website and click on the “Start Now” button under Association.
  2. You can print and fill out the 2024 FOVLAP Membership Form and pay by check.  Mail your completed form and dues check to FOVLAP, P.O. Box 766, Montpelier, VT 05601.

Please note: For 2024, FOVLAP has changed its membership from being based on a year from the date of the start of your membership (ie. 3/15/23 to 3/15/24), to a calendar year based membership. This means that if you joined or renewed in 2023, your membership has expired, and we hope that you will become a member for 2024. If you have questions, contact us through the website, or by emailing us at – one of the board members will be available to answer questions or have a conversation with you.

Thank you for your support!