We’ve just added a new webpage on our site about milfoil, which you can view here: Eurasian watermilfoil.

Eurasian watermilfoil (milfoil, EWM) is a non-native aquatic plant that is present in most U.S. states and much of Canada. This plant is known for its rapid growth and ability to spread, which can lead to significant problems within a lake. Milfoil forms dense beds that can seriously impair the recreational use of a lake, reduce the availability of fish spawning grounds, outcompete beneficial native plants, and otherwise alter a lake’s natural environment.

On this new page, we discuss what milfoil is, the impact it has on a lake, prevention and early detection programs, and control methods.

There is also an FAQ section presented in a Q&A format to address recent misinformation you may have heard, or read online or in newspaper commentaries about milfoil, or the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation’s permitting process. Additional FAQ entries will be added as they are completed.

Check it out!