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Host: AIS Detectors Program at University of Minnesota

About this webinar: Join us for an exploration of the latest advancements in AIS Explorer, an online interactive dashboard designed to support decision making in managing invasive species. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how these new tools make informed decisions more accessible, assisting AIS managers in evaluating the effectiveness of various prevention and intervention strategies. These strategies include the placement of watercraft inspections and decontamination stations, as well as education and outreach initiatives. Moreover, we’ll introduce an innovative feature that fosters collaborations among local AIS managers by optimizing the placement of watercraft inspection stations using boater movement patterns. Gain valuable insights into the research underpinning these tools and discover their potential in shaping the future of invasive species management.

About the speaker: Dr. Amy Kinsley is an assistant professor in the Veterinary Population Medicine Department at the University of Minnesota. She earned her DVM and doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Minnesota, and specializes in aquatic epidemiology. Kinsley and her research team use network modeling, disease modeling, fieldwork and optimization techniques to understand how aquatic invasive species and infectious diseases spread in aquatic environments, and design effective and efficient prevention and mitigation strategies. With a passion for interdisciplinary collaboration, Dr. Kinsley leads research projects integrating disciplines such as epidemiology, ecology, social sciences, civil engineering and computer science while incorporating substantial stakeholder and community engagement to advance aquatic ecosystem health.

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