Emerging Aquatic Invasive Species in Vermont Inland Lakes

On January 19th, 2023, the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds held a special event to discuss emerging aquatic invasive species (AIS).

FOVLAP Special Events

The prevention and control of aquatic invasive species is a growing challenge for Vermont inland lakes. In neighboring regions, new invasive threats are moving towards Vermont. This seminar will discuss three emerging threats, providing detailed descriptions, the geography of current infestations, the impacts to lake ecosystems, and available control techniques.

Topics included:

  • Overview of existing AIS infestations – Kim Jensen, VT DEC
  • Hydrilla – Mike Greer, USACE
  • Round Goby – Ellen Marsden, UVM
  • Spiny and Fishhook Waterflea – Jason Stockwell, UVM

The full agenda, and speaker presentations can be viewed here.

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed below, and on YouTube.

2023 Emerging Aquatic Invasive Species in Vermont Inland Lakes: