The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds 2021 Annual Meeting

On September 9th, 2021, the Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds held our Annual Meeting.

The 2021 Annual Meeting included:

1. Lake Issues: DEC Perspective: Oliver Pierson Program Director, Lakes and Ponds, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

2. Summary of Lake Surveys: Dave Johnson, FOVLAP Treasurer

3. Individual Lake Reports: Lake Representatives

4. Lake Reclassificaiton Panel: Oliver Pierson (DEC), Chris von Alt (Maidstone), Bruce Tanner (Willoughby), Ann Loughran (Raponda), Peggy Barter (Seymour)

5. Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes: Mark Milazzo (Peacham)

6. Lake and Watershed Action Plans: Amy Picotte, DEC and Dave Johnson (FOVLAP Treasurer/Dunmore)

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed here, and on YouTube.

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds Annual Meeting & Presentations: