The Vermont Wetlands Program recently finished a series of blog posts on Flow (the Watershed Management Division’s blog) which shared stories of winter in wetlands through voices of resident wildlife.  Though the snow is gone and water is flowing again, the stories are still available on line so you can enjoy them on a rainy spring day.

In winter, a wetland and much of the land around it may appear devoid of life, a place without sound or movement. Most of the birds have flown south, with the exception of the occasional chick-a-dee, blue jay or raven. You may hear a barred owl in the evening hours off in the distance. But what about the four-legged critters who can’t fly away when the snow begins to fall?

Enjoy the series:

  1. Wetlands under the snowwinter tracks
  2.  Sledding in a Wetland
  3. The Art of Camouflage
  4. A Rare Secretive Creature with Furry Feet
  5. Listen Carefully and Pounce
  6. Tracks that Disappear
  7. The Star of the Wetlands