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Climate Changes: Local and Global

These last few weeks I have been thinking about climate change. I am a gardener and small fruit grower as well as a bee keeper. My property is just outside Montpelier, located in a small narrow north-south running valley. Our winters have always come a little earlier and lasted a little longer t […]

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Meet The Neighbors: Red Algae

There is one last group of algae that you may encounter in Vermont waters, the Rhodophyta or red algae. Red algae are most abundant in marine environments and are common seaweed along shorelines. The estimates I found noted that only 3 – 5% of all red algae species live in freshwater and most of tho […]

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Meet the Neighbors: Dinoflagellates

Dinoflagellates are a group of microscopic mostly unicellular algae that are found in freshwater and marine environments worldwide. While we don’t hear much about them in freshwater, dinoflagellates are well known in coastal areas as ‘red tide’ and ‘brown tide’. These are b […]

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