The Vermont Center for Ecosystem Studies has opened a new online atlas of Vermont dragonflies and damselflies.   These lovely insects are keystone species for many of our smaller ponds and an indicator of overall shore land health.  You may remember from studies completed by the VT Lakes and Ponds Program, that as the amount of development goes up along the shore, the number of dragonfly exuvia (skins shed by emerging adults) goes down.

Through the Atlas, you can learn which species are present in Vermont, where they have been observed and their life histories.  You can also increase the database about Vermont’s dragonflies by submitting your own observations.

You’ll find the Vermont Dragonfly and Damselfly Atlas  here –  Take a look and enjoy the lovely photos, many by Bryan Pfeiffer, of these gorgeous insects.

The Powdered Dancer Photo by Bryan Pfeiffer Courtesy of the VCE Dragonfly and Damselfly Atlas