Activities that affects lakes, ponds, rivers,streams and wetlands may require a permit from the Watershed Management Division before proceeding.  As part of the process to determine whether a permit will be issued, information about the activity, the application, and any additional requirements are made available to adjacent land owners and other interested individuals.  The process may also require a formal public comment period before the final determination is made to issue the permit.

Over the last several years, the Division has developed on-line databases that allow the public to review these documents and submit comments during the permit review process.  You can find links to the many permit areas administered by the Watershed Management Division here –

Currently, the draft municipal roads general permit is open for public comment.  Visit our webpage to learn about this new permit, which will cover stormwater discharges from road classes 1 – 4.  Comments must be received by October 27.  Read more about the program on our website.  We want to hear from you!