S.180 -An act relating to prohibiting the use and application of the pesticide chlorpyrifos

Location: Senate Committee on Agriculture

Last Recorded Action: 3/25/20 House -Referred to the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

3/13/2020 Senate Floor – Read 3rd time & passed

Senate 1/7/2020 – Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Agriculture

Subject: Agriculture; pesticides; chlorpyrifos

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to phase-in a ban on the use and application of the pesticide chlorpyrifos. Beginning on July 1, 2020, the bill would prohibit the aerial application of chlorpyrifos. Beginning on January 1, 2021, the bill would prohibit application of chlorpyrifos except for application to the trunks of apple trees. Beginning on January 1, 2022, all uses and applications of chlorpyrifos would be prohibited.

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