Last recorded action: S.75 became Vermont Law, now referred to as Act 67. Read the Act Summary.

June 8 2017 signed by the Governor.

6/2/2017 – S.75 delivered to the Governor’s office.

5/5/2017; passed by Senate and House. The Report of Committee of Conference accepted. To read the final unofficial version of S. 75 as passed by both Senate and House click here

5/4/2017- Committee of Conference passed.

House 4/20/2017 – Read Third time and Passed House in Concurrence with Proposal of Amendment.

3/23/2017 – Senate – Read 3rd time and passed.

Detailed Status: To read the version of this bill as amended by Senate Committee

3/22/2017 Favorable report with recommendation of amendment by Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

3/21/2017 – Read 2nd time

2/7/2017 – Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced to amend sections of 10 V.S.A.:

This bill would prohibit the transport of additional aquatic plants and aquatic nuisance species to or from waters of the State. The bill also would require visual inspection of vehicles, vessels, personal watercraft, seaplanes, trailers, and other equipment for aquatic plants and aquatic nuisance species when leaving a water of the State. The bill also would require a boat or personal watercraft to be cleaned in a boat wash prior to launching in a lake or pond if a public boat wash facility is located at the lake or pond and the boat or personal watercraft is being transported from another water. The bill would allow for enforcement of the prohibition on transport of aquatic plants and aquatic nuisance species in both the Judicial Bureau and the Environmental Division of the Superior Court.

This bill also includes amendments to Sec. 3. 10 V.S.A. § 1455, regarding Aquatic Nuisance Control Permits and proposes to extend the use of bottom barriers.

To read the version of this bill as introduced, click here 


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