Last Recorded Action: Senate 5/22/2018 – Signed by Governor on May 22, 2018

5/12/2018 House -Senate Message, House proposal of amendment concurred in

Senate 5/12/2018– Rules suspended & taken up for immediate consideration, on motion of Senator Ashe

 (Multiple House & Senate actions… 5/4//2018 through 5/12/2018)

House 5/7/2018- House of Representatives: Roll Call Results Failed — Needed 66 of 131 to Pass — Yeas = 19, Nays = 112 Details

House 5/4/2018 – On Action Calendar- Third Reading Ordered

House 5/4/2018 – House of Representatives – Roll Call Results Passed Needed 71 of 140 to Pass — Yeas = 92, Nays = 48 Details

House 5/4/2018- House of Representatives- Report of the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife amended as offered by Rep. Browning of Arlington

House 5/4/2018- On Action Calendar-Read Second Time

House 5/1/2018- In Committee- Referred to Committee on Apropriations per Rule 35(a)

House 4/17/2018- Referred to Committee on Ways and Means per Rule 35(a)

House 3/27/2018- Read first time and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife.

Read the official version as passed by Senate (38 pages)

Senate 3/22/2018- Senate floor action: Read 3rd time & passed on roll call, requested by Senator Bray, Passed — Needed 15 of 29 to Pass — Yeas = 29, Nays = 0 Details

Senate 3/20.2018- Favorable report with recommendation of amendment by Committee on Appropriations.

Senate 2/28/2018-  Senate floor action referred to Committee on Finance per Senate Rule 31 and on 2/28/2018 Favorable report with recommendation of amendment by Committee on Agriculture

2/27/2018 – Draft No. 2.1 – S.260  (16 pages)

2/15/2018 -Senate Floor Action: Rules suspended & bill committed to Committee on Agriculture with the report of Committee on Natural Resources and Energy intact, on motion of Senator Bray

Senate 2/14/2018 -revisions: Draft No. 5.1  as voted out of committee (36 pages)

Senate 1/3/2018 – Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

Location: Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

Subject: Conservation and development; finance; water resources; water quality.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to establish the Vermont Clean Water Authority to coordinate, manage, plan, and ensure accountability of the efforts of the State to clean up impaired waters, maintain and achieve the Vermont Water Quality Standards in all waters, and prevent the future degradation of waters. The bill would also establish a Clean Water Assessment on all parcels in the State. Monies collected under the Clean Water Assessment would be deposited in the Vermont Water Quality Fund to fund water quality improvement projects in the State.

Read the bill as introduced (22 pages)

See the bill detailed status


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