This bill proposes to establish a Clean Water Legacy Fund to finance water quality improvement within the State of Vermont. The bill would assess a fee per calendar year on every parcel of land in the State based on the size of the parcel. The collected fees would be deposited in the Clean Water Legacy Fund to provide loans and grants for programs or projects designed to improve water quality in the State.

$30.00 for parcels between one half acre and 10 acres in size;

$50.00 for parcels of more than 10 acres up to 100 acres;

$70.00 for parcels of more than 100 acres up to 500 acres; and

$100.00 for parcels of more than 500 acres

The maximum fee assessed on any one person would be $500.00 per calendar year.

The Clean Water Legacy Fund would be administered by the Secretary of Administration. Expenditures from the Fund would be authorized by a Clean Water Legacy Board composed of the following people or their designees: the Attorney General; the State Treasurer; the Secretary of Natural Resources; the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets; the Secretary of Transportation; a representative of the Lake Champlain Basin Program, appointed by the Governor; two representatives of regional or community-based watershed or water quality organizations to be appointed by the Committee on Committees; and two members of industry or business dependent on or affected by water quality to be appointed by the Speaker of the House, one of whom shall have experience in financial management.

The bill establishes a low-interest loan and grant program to fund water quality improvements in the State using Clean Water Legacy Fund monies, with stated priorities for grant and loan awards.

Status: Introduced on 3/13/2015 and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

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