This is a far-reaching bill that will affect most VT Department of Environmental Conservation permit programs. The bill proposes to establish standardized procedures for public notice and issuance of decisions on permit applications and approvals issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation. This includes permits of specific interest to lakeshore property owners, such as aquatic nuisance control permits, shoreland encroachment permits, and shoreland protection permits. Draft permit decisions for these programs would be required to be placed on notice for public comment under the new procedures, and public hearings may be required on the draft decisions. The bill also establishes an administrative appeal process within the Agency (in addition to the standard appeal process). The proposed procedures would provide for greater public involvement in permit decisions, but could potentially lengthen the time it takes to finalize permit decisions.

Status: Introduced on 3/10/2015 and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

Click here to read the bill as it was introduced. 


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