This bill proposes to create standards for identification and use of moorings in all public waters of the State.  A mooring is defined as a buoy, piling, stake, or other apparatus used to secure, berth, or moor vessels in public water.  A mooring does not include fixed piers connected to the shore or accessory structures directly related thereto that are encroachments subject to the permitting requirements of Title 10 Section 403.  The bill proposes to require any person who places a mooring in the water to paint on, or attach to the mooring, the owner’s name and address.  Any person may use a mooring not bearing the owner’s name and address to secure his or her vessel.  However, a person who ties or attaches a vessel to an identified mooring of another without the owner’s express permission would be subject to a $75.00 penalty.  A permit would not be required for moorings provided that navigation or boating is not unreasonably impeded.

1/24/2014 – Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Fish, Wildlife & Water Resources.

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