Last Recorded Action: House 5/28/2018 – Signed by Governor on May 28, 2018

Official as passed by House & Senate

House 5/11/2018, Passed House and Senate: Senate Proposal of Amendment concurred in

Official As Passed by House (17 pages)

Senate 5/11/2018- Read 3rd time & passed in concurrence with proposal of amendment

Senate 5/5/2018- Referred to Committee on Finance per Senate Rule 31

Senate 5/5/2018- Favorable report with proposal of amendment by Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

Senate 2/23/18 -Senate floor: Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

House 2/21/18– passed House, in Senate

House 1/9/2018 – Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife

Location: House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife

Subject: Conservation and development; water pollution control; stormwater; three-acre legacy permit

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to amend the requirement that the Secretary of Natural Resources issue a general permit for discharges of stormwater from impervious surface of three or more acres in size, when the stormwater discharge previously was not permitted or was permitted under an individual permit or general permit that did not incorporate the requirements of a stormwater management manual issued after 2002. The bill would direct the Secretary to establish criteria by which the Secretary shall prioritize the permitting of parcels. The bill would also amend the schedule for permitting. In addition, the bill provides that stormwater offsets and stormwater impact fees may be completed or assessed for discharges of phosphorus to Lake Memphremagog or a water that contributes to the impairment of Lake Memphremagog.

Read the bill as introduced  (7 pages)

See the bill detailed status


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