Act 161: Act as enacted

Act 161: Act Summary

Last recorded action: House 5/22/2018 – Signed by Governor on May 22, 2018

5/10/2018:  Passed House and Senate, Senate Proposal of Amendment concurred in

Senate 5/9/2018-  Read 3rd time & passed in concurrence with proposal of amendment

Senate 5/5/2018 – Favorable report with proposal of amendment by Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

Read 5/4/2018 DRAFT No. 4.1 (25 pages)

1/19/2018 – Read first time & referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

House 1/18/2018 – Passed House, in Senate, Read third time and passed Read the official version as passed by House (38 pages)

House 1/3/2018 – Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife.

Location: House Committee on Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife

Subject: Conservation and development; water resources; dam registration.

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to amend requirements for the regulation of nonfederal dams in the State, including requirements related to inspection, hazard potential classification, and rulemaking. This bill aims to protect public safety through the inventory, inspection, and evaluation of dams in the State.

Bill contains language § 1080. (3): “Interested person” means, in relation to any dam, a person: who has riparian rights affected by that dam,; who has a substantial interest in economic or recreational activity affected by the dam, or; whose safety would be endangered by a failure of the dam; or who notifies the Department of interest in the dam.

Read the bill as introduced (20 pages)

See the bill detailed status


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