Bill Post Update: 3/21/22 The Committee of jurisdiction did not pursue this bill past its first reading.

Last Recorded Action: House 1/11/2022 – Read First Time and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish, and Wildlife

Sponsor(s): Rep. Katherine “Kari” Dolan; Rep. Peter Anthony; Rep. Sarah “Sarita” Austin

Subject: Conservation and development; water resources; riparian protection areas

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to require
establishment of a riparian protection area adjacent to each stream in the State. A riparian protection area would be required to be at least 50 feet from the top of bank or top of slope of a stream with 0.25 or less square miles in drainage area and at least 100 feet from the top of bank or top of slope for a stream with greater than 0.25 square miles in drainage area. A person would be prohibited from creating cleared area or constructing impervious surface within a riparian protection area unless permitted by the Secretary of Natural Resources or allowed as a use under the act.

Read the bill as introduced (19 pages)

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