Last Recorded Action: Signed by Governor on March 6, 2017

To read bill as officially passed by both House and Senate  click here

2/22/2017 – Location House. Senate Message, Passed in Concurrence

2/21/2017- Senate floor action: Read 3rd time & passed in concurrence

2/17/2017- Senate floor action: Reported favorably by Senator Pearson for Committee on Natural Resources and Energy, read 2nd time and 3rd reading ordered.

In Senate 2/3/2017- Read 1st time & referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Energy

House action: 2/1/2017- Read Third Time and Passed

To read this bill as passed by the House, click here

House 1/17/2017 – Read First Time and Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife.

This bill’s subject: Conservation and development; municipal planning and development; local bylaws and ordinances; planning projects in flood hazard areas; planting projects in flood hazard areas and other areas for the purpose of supporting natural and beneficial floodplain functions including shorelands.

To read the version of this bill as introduced, click here


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