The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee heard testimony on the shorelands protection bill, H.526, during the month of April.  In late April, Senate leadership decided to hold the bill over in committee for the summer and take the concept of shoreland protection around Vermont this summer for public discussion.

The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee and the House Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources Committee, in conjunction with the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, plan to hold several public meetings throughout Vermont starting mid-summer and ending in September. The objectives are to let the public know how the requirements under legislation like H.526 would work and take public input.

The current plan is for the Agency of Natural Resources to describe the science behind the initiative, outline what other states have done in terms of shoreland protection, and explain how a bill like H.526 could be implemented on the ground.  Locations and dates of the meetings have not yet been determined.

When the legislature reconvenes in January, the Senate is expected to continue consideration of shoreland legislation.


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