Location:  House Committee on Environmental and Energy

Last Recorded Action:  House 1/13/2023 – Read First Time and referred to the Committee on Environment and Energy

Sponsor(s):  Rep. Katherine “Kari” Dolan Additional Sponsors Rep. Sarah “Sarita” Austin Rep. Seth Bongartz  Rep. Carol Ode  Rep. Katherine Sims

Subject:  Conservation and development; water resources; aquatic nuisance control; Aquatic Nuisance Prevention Pass

Statement of purpose of bill as introduced:  This bill would require the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife to issue the Aquatic Nuisance Prevention Pass that owners or operators of motorboats and nonmotorized vessels would be required to annually obtain and affix to all motorboats and nonmotorized vessels operating in the waters of the State.  Fees on the sale of Aquatic Nuisance Prevention Passes would be deposited into a special fund to be used for aquatic nuisance control in the State.

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