The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee voted 5-0-0 in favor of the bill after proposing significant amendments to the House version of the bill.  On April 11, 2014, the Senate passed the bill after making additional amendments.  Unlike the House version, the Senate version of the bill makes it illegal to litter in or on all lands or waters of the State. It does not authorize assigning a person in violation of the law to spend up to 80 hours collecting trash, nor does it require the suspension of a person’s boating education certificate if the littering occurred from a boat and the penalty was not paid. The Senate version would repeal the existing law that requires a 10-day suspension of a driver’s license if a person fails to pay the penalty for littering.  It would establish the first Saturday of May as Green Up Day and September as River Green Up Month each year.

Click here to read the version of this bill as passed by the House.


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