Check out this great new collection of Lake Wise Info Sheets from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation.

Topics include:

Living Shoreland

Beaches and Recreation Areas
Conserve and Protect Lakeshores
Lakeshore Buffers
Lake-Friendly Yard Maintenance
Live Stakes and Fascines
Low Impact Lakeshore Development
Managing Invasive Plants
Restore Natural Plant Communities

Low Impact Lake Access

Infiltration Steps
Driveways and Lake Roads
Planning Pathways
Turn-outs & Rock Aprons
Water Bars & Open-Top Culverts

Upland Stormwater Management

Check Dams
Dry Wells
Filter Berms
Infiltration Trenches
Permeable Pavers
Rain Gardens
Downspout Disconnection & Rain Barrels
Vegetated Swales

These are great resources to show you how to implement best practices on your lakeshore property to make it lake-friendly by limiting stormwater from carrying phosphorus, sediments, and other pollutants into the lake.

The new sheets and lots of additional information on the Lake Wise Program from the Vermont DEC can be viewed here: 

Here’s an example of page 1 of the Lakeshore Buffers Lake Wise Info Sheet:

Vermont DEC Lake Wise Info Sheet, Lakeshore Buffers - Page 1