Hello Lake Associations.

Last month, FOVLAP launched a door knocker project, and we were happy to hear from a few lake associations that are planning on rolling this out at their lake this season. So, as lake associations are starting to gear up for the season, we wanted to repost a reminder about it.

A door knocker is a vertically oriented, half-page hard cardboard with a cutout to allow you to hang it on a doorknob or cabinet handle at camps and homes around your lake or pond. Its purpose is to provide key information to property owners and visitors to enhance their enjoyment of lake experiences — while protecting your lakes’ water quality, tranquility, and intrinsic beauty.

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds is happy to offer this new resource for lake associations to help get the word out to their lake community about how homeowners and visitors can better enjoy and protect their lake and watershed:

FOVLAP’s Welcome Guide to Vermont Lakes & Ponds Uses. aka “The Door Knocker Project

FOVLAP has created a template for the front side of the door knocker, using the specifications from Vistaprint for their door hanger product which contains general information about Vermont lakes and ponds. The back side can be designed by you to provide lake specific information from your association to your lake community. These handy resources can then be printed and distributed to property owners around your lake or pond.

As you’ll see on the FOVLAP side, there is a QR code. When this code is scanned, the user will be taken to a webpage on our site that has clickable links to the topics and items listed on the door knocker. You’ll be able to do the same for your side, and we’ve included a few suggestions.

Click here: The FOVLAP Door Knocker Project to see some examples, and to read more about this project, and how to get started.

Please let us know if you have questions, we’d be happy to help, you can contact us here.

FOVLAP Door Knocker