Absolutely not. ProcellaCOR is highly selective to milfoil. The specimen label does list a few plants native to Vermont that can be impacted by ProcellaCOR, for example, coontail and watershield. When spot ProcellaCOR treatments are permitted for control milfoil in a lake, permit conditons take into consideration impacts to non-target plants and treatments, e.g.,  avoiding populations of these sensitive native species, use of low ProcellaCOR concentrations.

Vermont DEC performed a statistical analysis of ProcellaCOR use in Vermont lakes, and this analysis showed statistically significant decreases in milfoil, and statistically significant increases in native plants. These results reflect a successful treament regime –  when the invasive plant species is controlled, the native plants will take back that space. This analysis was completed using data from permit-required aquatic plant surveys from Vermont lakes treated with ProcellaCOR.