Looking Ahead to Cleaner Water

In this virtual talk, Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP)'s TMDL Tracking and Accounting Coordinator, Claire Madden, will provide an overview of Vermont's clean water progress.

ANC Grant in Aid Environmental Stewardship Program Application Workshop

Virtual meeting

An ANC Grant in Aid Environmental Stewardship Program Application Workshop will be held on Tuesday February 21, 2023 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm via Microsoft Teams on-line meeting (link here) and applicants are strongly encouraged to participate. Questions about the ANC Grant in Aid Environmental Stewar [...]

Overview of the Lake Wise Program

New leader of the Vermont Lake Wise Program will discuss motivation for the program and lake-friendly landscaping for Vermont lakeshore property owners.


Lilies, Shields, & More: Exploring Vermont’s Aquatic Plants

Odd Fellows Hall 37 Lake Street, Mount Holly, VT, United States

Let's explore together the most common aquatic plants found at the surface of Vermont lakes & ponds. Expert ecologist and botanist Michael Lew-Smith, MS will guide us through what these plants are, how they grow, and their role in the aquatic ecosystem.

Research on the impacts of recreational boating on inland lakes

This presentation by Jeff Marr will summarize completed comparative research on the size, energy, and power of boat-generated wake waves produced by a number of recreational boats under various modes of operation and data-informed guidance on recommend operational distances for enhanced wake watercraft. 

Updates to the Clean Water Project Eligibility Screening Process

Virtual meeting

The Vermont DEC Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP) is providing an in-depth training on updates to the Clean Water Project Eligibility Screening process outlined in the CWIP State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2023 Funding Policy. 

Bomo Bash 2023

Bomoseen Lodge Taproom 2551 Rte 30 N, Bomoseen, VT, United States

Please join the LBA for a memorable evening of cocktails, dinner, music, and dancing as we celebrate our shared love of Lake Bomoseen and our united commitment to Lake Health.

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