Watersheds United Vermont RFA – Informational Webinar

Virtual meeting

Watersheds United Vermont is administering a 2023-2024 DEC-CWIP Project Development Block Grant to subgrant funds to watershed groups and other nonprofit implementers to develop water quality improvement projects.

Emerging Aquatic Invasive Species

At this seminar, experts will discuss hydrilla, the round goby, and spiny and fishhook waterfleas - three emerging threats to Vermont's lakes and ponds.


Key Changes in the Clean Water Initiative Funding Policy

Virtual meeting

Clean Water stakeholders will hear an overview the major funding policy changes for the Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP), including project and grantee eligibility, budget guidance, project deliverables, and grantee responsibilities.

Looking Ahead to Cleaner Water

In this virtual talk, Clean Water Initiative Program (CWIP)'s TMDL Tracking and Accounting Coordinator, Claire Madden, will provide an overview of Vermont's clean water progress.

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