Governor Shumlin declares July Lakes Appreciation Month

Join the Lakes and Ponds Program in celebrating all the wonderful lakes we have in the state of Vermont.  We have SO MANY lakes  where you can find a place to unwind, cool off, watch wildlife and appreciate the world around you.

Learn more about Lakes Appreciation month by reading our post on the Watershed Management Division blog.  You’ll find a link to the Governor’s proclamation as well as information about where you can learn about what it takes to keep lakes healthy and beautiful.

Sometimes we are just too busy to think about how important lakes are.  Let’s change that!  Share your stories and photos about your favorite lake, your involvement in lake protection or anything else lake related – visit FOVLAP’s Facebook page or the Watershed Management Division’s Facebook page and tell us about your lake.

lake fisher1

a very little lake!


Turtle Pond, Marshfield


A quintessential Vermont lake