Lake Seminar 2021 – “Phosphorus Pollution, A High Stakes Watershed Issue ”

Friday ~ June 4, 2021
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Thursday ~ September 9, 2021
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About Our Activities

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) holds two “Main Events” each year.

  • Our Annual Meeting is held each year in early September at a centrally-located site accessible to all members and attendees. The meeting is a full day and provides member associations with the opportunity to network with other Vermont lake associations, hear about their activities and learn from their experiences. The day is highlighted by keynote speakers with professional backgrounds in a variety of subjects of interest to our members, such as aquatic invasive species (e.g., Eurasian watermilfoil, zebra mussels, spiny waterflea), best management practices to control erosion and nutrient runoff when developing waterfront land, boating rules and regulations, and other pertinent and timely topics. Individual lake associations also give reports on their concerns and activities. (See the bottom of our annual meetings page for minutes from these meetings).
  • The Lake Seminar is a one-day educational seminar held each year in early June in conjunction with DEC Lakes and Ponds staff. Agenda topics typically include aquatic invasive species, and shore land and watershed management, with numerous speakers and workshops providing the latest information on topics critical to the success of our members’ lake management and protection activities.

In addition to our two main events, other activities include: