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The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds publishes a newsletter and monitors state legislation every winter in Montpelier to make sure the voice of Vermont’s lake associations is heard.

“FOVLAP members are invited to ‘Contact Us’ anytime via this website with any concerns, questions, or comments during the course of the legislative session or remainder of the year regarding any issues of importance to Lake Associations and the protection and management of Vermont’s bodies of water.”

FOVLAP Legislative Committee

FOVLAP’s Legislative Committee is one of several committees created by FOVLAP’s Board of Directors (BOD) to assist the board and the members in supporting FOVLAP’s Mission. Composed of both FOVLAP BOD and auxiliary board members, the Legislative Committee developed the Advocacy and Action Plan – under the guidance of the BOD – to maintain a proactive presence with the Vermont Legislature. We advocate for policies promoting sustainable management and the use of Vermont’s lakes, ponds, and their watersheds. We monitor new bills introduced into the Vermont Legislature each session and post pertinent bills relating to water quality issues to our legislative updates webpage to keep members informed. As we champion our mission, we seek opportunities to communicate with legislative committees and collaborate on and help promote and shape key bills before the legislative body, policymakers, and state agencies rulemaking to support vibrant, clean, and healthy Vermont lakes and ponds. The Legislative Committee ensures our work adheres to FOVLAP policies and our recommendations are consistent with FOVLAP’s mission and purpose.

FOVLAP Legislative Updates (our bills post)

FOVLAP Legislative Advocacy Plan

Advocating Effectively for Our Lakes With The Vermont Legislature 

This guide is filled with useful tips on how to navigate the legislature process, advocate effectively, write to or email a state legislator and testify on a bill.  FOVLAP members and the public are encouraged to become involved in our legislature.  Advocate to advance lake-friendly public policies and offer personal testimony on legislative bills to protect and preserve Vermont’s lakes, ponds, watersheds, and healthy aquatic ecosystems we all love. 

FOVLAP Legislative Committee Accomplishments

2021-2022 Vermont Statehouse Contact List

Vermont Legislature Quick Links

While the statehouse legislative session is functioning remotely due to Covid-19 precautions, find legislative livestreaming and helpful committee meeting links below:

Legislative Committee Archives

2019 – 2020 Legislative Bill Summary

2019 FOVLAP Legislative Committee Member Survey Results