Healthy Shores – Healthy Lakes workshop and video

You can create your own workshop kit from the instructions provided here. We include a presenter guide; pdf files for creating two versions of printed cards picturing organisms found in different types of shallow water habitat — Component Cards, which should be laminated, contain aquatic animal photos on one side and information about different habitat components on the back, and Organism Cards, which can be printed on heavy card stock, used as handouts for workshop participants; a small display poster about vegetated buffers; and a buffer width handout. Download the files you need. The individual files are in pdf format. The entire set of files can be downloaded as a zip file.

To learn more about why shoreland vegetation is so important for the health of your lake, watch the FOVLAP video “Lake Habitat: Life in the Shallows,” created by Jeremy Deeds, with underwater video footage by Ben Maddox.

The video is available on the “FOVLAP videos” YouTube channel.