Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) is a group of local lake and pond associations, individuals and others interested in promoting and maintaining the quality of the environment of, and the pleasure of living near and using, Vermont’s lakes and ponds. Most of us are waterfront property owners, but the Federation also includes individuals and businesses who are simply interested in helping us further our objectives. Annual membership dues are nominal for either individuals or associations.

Buffers for Blue Lakes

planting  blueberry buffersVermont lake associations and homeowners wishing to learn more about managing their properties for lake health have the opportunity to receive workshops, educational materials, and plants to help defray the cost of planting buffers. Through the Buffers for Blue Lakes program, interested associations organize homeowners for a workshop where they will learn more about lake ecology and the role that shoreland buffers play in creating healthy shallow water ecosystems. In addition to the workshop and educational materials, 5 homeowners on each lake are provided with blueberry plants, soil amendments, and technical support for planting blueberries. Grant funds contribute $500 per lake association for the workshops, buffer and blueberry planting information, soil amendments, and plants. The lake association or homeowner contributes $50 per property.

The offer is provided on a first-come, first-served basis for eight lake associations willing to educate and inform homeowners about the benefits of a vegetated lakeshores. Please contact Judy Davis at davisjud@gmail.com if you are interested in scheduling a workshop.

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Join FOVLAP to connect with more than 80 lake and pond associations in Vermont! Learn how other lakes are dealing with issues like shoreline erosion, invasive species, and algae.